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I have been with Mesi Agency for over 30 years! Over that time I have had several homeowners and car claims. They have been second to none, servicing them! I highly recommend the Mesi Agency for all insurance needs!

Maria Mulaniff

I have been with Mesi Agency for over 30 years! Over that time I have had several homeowners and car claims. They have been second to none, servicing them!
I highly recommend the Mesi Agency for all insurance needs!

John Manning

I can't thank the Mesi Agency enough for all they've done for me! When I needed my insurance agent, Joe was there to help me through my claim. He was there for me of all the way! Of course, it happened on a Friday night, but not only did Joe answer the phone on the weekend, he guided me through it all steps of the way. It was the most simplest transaction I've ever dealt with! I can't thank them enough for all they've done! Also, I've checked out all the rates in the area and Joe has the best! Thank you Joe and Mesi Agenc

Shari Ann

My parents and my entire family have been going to Mesi Agency for over 20 years! Joe is absolutely wonderful and he ALWAYS has given us the best deal for our buck. He has always looked out for us. THANK YOU Joe Mesi and Mesi Agency for all you do!

Susan Howard

Joe and his staff are hands down the best in the business. I was a customer back when Joe had a partner and was with Allstate. When Joe left Allstate I was sadly assigned to another agent and did not have a choice. What terrible service I had with them. The moment Joe I could change back to Joe Mesi, I did. Joe is ALWAYS looking out for his customer's best interests to ensure they have the proper coverages that they need. If you don't need it, Joe won't sell it to you. After 15 years as a customer I am also proud to say that Joe is not only my insurance agent but he is also a friend. Run, do not walk, to the Mesi Agency - Joe will save you time AND money. You'll thank me later.

Lynn Dearmyer-Lee

Great service, knowledge, and a family atmosphere. I recommend Joe and his staff to anyone who is interested in saving money or just looking to see if what they have is sufficient.

Jason Berghold

Have been with them for over 15 years. Rates are always awesome and service is excellent! I recommend giving them a call if you are looking for a new insurance company. You will be glad you did!!

Cindy Reimer

Joe has been my Agent for over 20 years, the only one I trust. Great rates, fast and friendly service. Thanks Joe!

Mike Morlock

This insurance agent is the best I have ever dealt with! Was with another insurance State Farm for 25 years. Went to Joe just to check prices and they saved me over $500.00 a year!!! I would never leave this place! They treat me so great and always have! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!!!

Tonnie Paradowski

Best agent I have ever dealt with. Joe was able to get me better coverage at a cheaper price per year. Joe and his staff are always available to answer questions

Dave M

I have been with Joe for many years! He and his staff are very knowledgeable and eager to help. I had insurance through a "commercial" agency in the past but had no personal interaction with an agent. To boot my rates kept going up after my initial policy year. Joe is always there when I need him to answer all of my questions or concerns! He provided me with the best home and auto policy for my needs at a great price and value! I highly recommend the Mesi Agency!


I've been with Joe Mesi for 30 years. During that time I've had claims that were handled with the utmost professionalism. More importantly, I was advised to have the proper coverage to fit my needs.

Mark Morlock

My family and I have been with Joe Mesi for over 30 years. He's been nothing but perfessional and was able to quote us with the best prices over any other agencies. I highly recommend him for anyone that's looking for any type of insurance.

hannah mossman

Staff is great, explained what my old policy was lacking and how to fix it. Saved me time, money, and gave me peace mind knowing I'm protected!

Gina Howes

Been with Joe since 1990. Best agency in town. I have sent many family members and friends to Joe because of his great rates and exceptional service. I will never have anyone else handle my insurance needs.

Karen Rouin

Great Agent and Fantastic Service! Joe has been my Agent for over 20 years and has always looked out for my best interest. The staff at the office are second to none.

Mike Morlock

Mesi agency has saved me a significant amount of money on both my home and auto insurance. The staff always provides very helpful and timely customer service. Mesi Agency has been fantastic and I could not be more pleased! Thank you for everything you do!

Bradley Hopkins

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and a buffer with the insurance companies they work with which is valuable. They will find the best solution for your individual insurance needs.

John Bleckinger

Great service, one stop for all of your insurance needs! My husband has been doing business with him for as long as I can remember. Highly recommended!

kelly licata

Saved me a bunch of money when I switched over to Mesi Insurance. Always gets me the best available rate. Superior customer service!

Kelly Heine

We have been working with Joe & his staff for years! They've been incredibly helpful. Joe has done a great job with making sure we are getting the right coverage for the right price, I'd highly recommend the Mesi Agency!

Erica Cino

I want to thank Joe Mesi and his staff for being there when I needed them the most! They are helpful, trust worthy and have the best rates! It's a great feeling to know that they make my life easy!

Sharon Steck

I have been a customer of Joe Mesi for 25 years. His advice is always spot on. Saved us 20,000 over 10 years on one simple question. Thanks Joe. You paid for one year of college.

Shawn Frier

Friendly, professional service and they always come back with the best rates. My rates with them have only ever gone down, but I do pay my insurance on time and I don't get tickets. Huge factors. If they ever did go up, I know Mesi agency would just find a better carrier for me anyways. Thanks guys for all of your hard work!

Morgan Lee

I've been going to Joe for all my insurance needs since 2003 and I'll never go to anyone else. He and his staff are always super helpful, knowledgeable, and available for anything you might need. Joe had great rates and makes sure that you are always getting the best coverage for the best cost. Run, don't walk, to Joe Mesi. You won't be disappointed.

Lynn Dearmyer-Lee

I recently had an issue with flooding in my basement. Mesi Agency Inc was quick to respond and act on my behalf. They helped guide me through a difficult process and answered all questions or concerns I had. You couldn't ask for better service and even better people. Highly recommended!

Gary Cardinale