Why do I need to consider a Personal Umbrella Policy?

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With the state of New York being one of the top litigious states in the country, it may be time to consider adding a "Personal Umbrella Policy" to protect your assets and portfolio. Mesi Agency has been in the personal line's insurance business for 33 years now and we see the increased law suits. So, what is the short answer to a potentially long lawsuit against yourself or family members? A Personal Umbrella Policy! How expensive is a Personal Umbrella Policy? It depends on many factors, such as your driving record, how many vehicles you own, how many residents you own, your occupation, Etc. Generally speaking, costs range between 175-350 dollars or so per year.

  • You have assets, like a home, car, or savings you want to protect
  • You drive a lot
  • You're a parent of a teen driver
  • You own recreational equipment
  • You have a swimming pool
  • Your dog has a bad day - dog bites
  • You have a second home
  • You hire domestic help

  • If you're in Cheektowaga, NY or any of the surrounding areas, all we need is a few minutes of your time, and we will offer you a proposal.